The Portsmouth Gas Light Co.
64 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH
Grill 603-430-9122
Pizza Pub 603-430-8582



Credit Card Questions & Missing Articles Eric Sorli
Accounting Ed Cassavaugh
Entertainment Contracting Paul Costley
Function Manager Michelle Belger
Large Parties - Pizza Pub or Street Level Restaurant Michelle Belger
Nightclub VIP Reservations Brandon Burke
Purchasing Megan Sorli
Beer Manager Eric Scheele
Marketing Manager / Entertainment Shawn Mickelonis
Gas Light Grill (Street Level)  603-430-9122
Gas Light Chef
Gas Light Sous Chef
Pizza Pub 603-430-8582
Pizza Pub Bar 603-430-8582
Kitchen Manager Mike Sorli
Bar / Front of House Manager Kayla Perkins
Owner Paul Sorli
Owner Eric Sorli